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Art Collection

The Crescent Hotel’s art collection draws inspiration from Fort Worth’s world-renowned Modern, Kimbell, and Amon Carter museums, as well as the city’s vibrant cultural district. The collection includes works by national and international artists and spans various mediums including sculpture composed of San Andrés stone by acclaimed artist, Jose Dávila (Mexican); bronze sculpture by Gonzalo Lebrija (Mexican); paintings by Mònica Subidé (Spanish), Cornelia Baltes (German), Matt Kleberg (American) and Aaron Garber-Maikovska (American), Marcel Vidal (Irish); photographs by Richard Misrach (American) and Allison V. Smith (American) and a relief by Carolyn Salas (American).

There is a conversation to be had about each work in the collection. Mònica Subidé’s work located in The Circle Bar is a tribute to the modernist style of an accomplished group of artists active in the 1940’s and 50’s called the Fort Worth Circle. The nine-foot-tall sculpture in the hotel courtyard is by internationally recognized Mexican sculptor and trained architect, Jose Dávila. The artist’s work pushes the boundaries of perception and balance, exploring the relationship between tension and stillness. Matt Kleberg’s painting references the notable arches at the Kimbell Art Museum designed by famed architect Louis Kahn. The Aaron Garber-Maikovska painting, with its rich colorful application of paint, commands the attention of the viewer and offers a fresh concept in the language of abstract expressionism and gestural painting. Finally, not to be missed, is the richly painted Madeline Peckenpaugh painting, which borders on the abstract, but provides glimpses into a dreamy landscape. The diversity of medium and narratives, from abstraction to realism, create new and exciting visual opportunities throughout the hotel.

There is a high bar in the Fort Worth cultural district. With over twenty works sourced throughout the property, many of which are site-specific commissions, guests will have an unparalleled art viewing experience at the Crescent Hotel, The Circle Bar and Emilia’s restaurant.

Chris Bogia
(American, b. 1977)
Tall Fountain I, 2022
Watercolor and pencil on paper

John Riepenhoff
(American, b. 1982)
Skies (Gravitational Constant I & II), 2023
Acrylic, flashe oil on linen

John Riepenhoff
(American, b. 1982)
Skies (Gravitational Constant I & II), 2023
Acrylic, flashe oil on linen

Jose Dávila
(Mexican, b. 1974)
Joint Effort, 2023
San Andrés stone, boulder and epoxy paint

Matt Kleberg
(American, b. 1985)
Twister Totem (for R.T.), 2023
Pigment stick on canvas

Aaron Garber-Maikovska
(American, b. 1978)
Earth Seed Stack, 2023
Ink and oil on fluted poly board

Allison V. Smith
(American, b. 1970)
Tumbleweed 2 & 3.
December 2021. Farwell, TX
Chromogenic color photograph
Edition 1/3

Richard Misrach
(American, b. 1949)
Elephant Parable #36, 2021
Archival pigment print
Edition 3/5 plus 1 AP

Madeline Peckenpaugh
(American, b. 1991)
Specular Reflections, 2023
oil on canvas

Andy Woll
(American, b. 1984)
Glanton (Magic), 2023
Oil on linen

Andy Woll
(American, b. 1984)
The Kid (Spencer), 2023
Oil on linen

Andy Woll
(American, b. 1984)
Judge Holden (Chino), 2023
Oil on linen

Cornelia Baltes
(German, b. 1978)
Bup, Hup, Tup, Lup, 2023
acrylic on canvas

Carolyn Salas
(American, b. 1975)
Figuring No. 4, 2022
Water jet cut aluminum,
powder coated